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Help Ukraine

The Families

Ekaterina Victorovna fled her home on a bus to the west a few days after the war started; her city of Irpin was one of the first to be heavily shelled.


Olya left the Donbas region with her family after bullets started firing in her town. She has already lived through eight years of war.


Baby Anita is too young to understand what is happening, but she cries from the bomb sirens.


Nastia escaped the outskirts of Kyiv in an old broken-down car while her fiance stayed behind to fight. They were supposed to get married in March.


Every person has a story, and every story will break your heart.

On March 23, 2022, I returned home from Ukraine after spending two weeks in the western region of Zakarpattia. During my time there, I lived with a local pastor and his family who introduced me to Ukrainians such as Ekaterina Victorovna. Her home in Irpin has been destroyed, and she is living on only a small pension. The Church and volunteers are doing all that they can, but it takes resources to house, feed, and transport people escaping the war. Since work in the country is limited, those in need are relying on the help of others. 



100% of the funds we raise will be sent to families and volunteers in Ukraine.

Ekaterina Victorovna's home. Irpin, Ukraine.

If you know a Ukrainian family in need, please email with their information.

Note: because of laws related to refugees, all families must still be residing in Ukraine.

Ways to Help

Run for Ukraine

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Join us on Saturday, May 28th as the Edmond Ice Rink presents a very special event to aid and assist the people of Ukraine. Show your support and raise awareness by running, walking, or just making a DONATION. The need for assistance will continue long after race day, and we appreciate you taking this first step with us to make a difference.

Race results can be found HERE.

A special thank you to Red Coyote Running & Fitness for race day production.


Who we are?

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